Where to buy mitts for curling

Several parents have asked what mitts are suitable for curling and where they can be bought – so here’s an answer. First, some personal experience:

  • I find mitts work much better than gloves, especially for those kids with smaller hands. You can also get away with thinner insulation with mitts than you can with gloves to achieve the same level of warmth.
  • Fleece or wool mitts/gloves are not good for curling, as they don’t allow a good grip on the curling brush while sweeping.
  • Leather (if you can find them) or soft vinyl palms work best – the more pliable, the better.

A recent visit to the Adventure Guide store in Waterloo (382 King Street North, Waterloo, ON, N2J 2Z3) yielded the following selection of children’s mitts that are suitable for curling:

Manufacturer Brand Name Colours
Giordini Aquabloc VII Black, Brown, Pink
Giordini Stomp Red, Black
Swix Trail Black
Columbia Bohemian Y+L Blue

Jason and Amanda at Adventure Guide tell me that they have lots of stock of these mitts available.

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