Where to buy curling shoes – part deux

Now that it is December, I know that several parents are looking at curling equipment as Christmas presents for their kids this year.

Previously, I mentioned a number of suppliers that offer curling shoes, clothing, brooms, and other related equipment. In this article I would like to mention Kirk McElwain’s Curling Supplies in Elora as a local option for purchasing curling equipment. In addition to being convener of the Bantam Interclub league, Kirk is also President of the Elora Curling Club:

I try to carry a reasonably complete sample of product from Asham, BalancePlus, Goldline & Tournament/Ultima so that our club members can see what is available, try things on for size, etc., without having to travel all over Ontario to the various show rooms. Except for curling pants, I have discovered that clothing doesn’t move very well so I don’t have much of that in stock – but, I do carry shoes from all of the suppliers listed above as well as gloves, pants, and brooms. I also carry accessories such as sliding devices (the “Arrow” is the one that sells the most), stopwatches, and assorted replacement pads, sliders & grippers, etc….If possible, I like to give junior curlers a bit [of an] extra discount.

Kirk stocks the largest selection of Asham equipment in the area. Since I’m from the prairies, and have always worn Asham shoes (Asham’s is headquartered in Winnipeg), Kirk’s stock of Asham equipment is very important to me.

I’m at the club Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings for sure (either playing or coaching) but, I can be there any day or evening if folks call ahead. I’m semi-retired (and on local council) so I can usually run in to meet folks at their convenience. I do have a bit of clientele from other clubs because I carry a wider range of product and sell for less than most so I try to accommodate non-club members as best I can.

Kirk also has Asham curling mitts in stock that fit junior curlers very well. Curling mitts can be an excellent Christmas present – parents take note!

You can reach Kirk directly at 519.846.1916 or by email at kirkmc@hsfx.ca.

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