Glenn Paulley

Glenn Paulley is the Junior Program Director at the Elmira and District Curling Club. He is a member of the Zone 12 clinic team of instructors for the Ontario Curling Association and a certified Level 3 coach. Born in Regina and raised in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, he has been curling since 1979, beginning at the Valour Road Curling Club in Winnipeg, and has been coaching since 2003. He is also a high performance coach for the Ontario Curling Council where his specialty is brushing.

In his spare time, Glenn is a Development Expert at SAP Canada in Waterloo.

Coaching Philosophy:

My coaching philosophy is centered on the holistic development of athletes as people.

No other sport relies on teamwork in the way that curling does; it is the successful interdependence of each player on their teammates that defines championship rinks. Moreover, few other sports have the tradition of sportsmanship that is so exemplified by the game of curling, even at the highest levels.

Like other late specialization sports such as golf, success at curling requires significant mastery of a range of athletic skills. However, the teamwork that is unique to curling also requires the development of social, physical and psychological skills within each player, so that as a team the athletes can play – and succeed – together. I am committed to the development of all of these skills, in a holistic way, with each and every athlete.

One must never forget that curling is, above all, a game, and it is fun to play. Teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect for both one’s teammates, and one’s opponents, are guiding principles in the program’s development of each individual athlete. As a coach, I try to instill these values with the athletes through both instruction and by example when playing the game alongside them.

I am personally thrilled when an athlete masters a technical skill, executes a great shot, advises a teammate, or involves the entire rink to strategize shot selection in a difficult end. Demonstrating these abilities gives a reason to celebrate the athletes’ teamwork, self-confidence, responsibility, and dedication, lessons which we can all hope will enrich their lives in future years.

You can reach Glenn via email, on Twitter at @gpaulley, or by telephone at 519-725-4921.


Melody Bridgen-Martin

Melody is a competitive player at Elmira and sits on the Elmira board as the Special Events director. We are thrilled to have her assist with the Little Rockers on the ice.

Andrew Dickson

Andrew and his wife Mallory reside in Elmira. Andrew curled competitively for several years as a Junior out of Palmerston and Listowel, and has played in several Ontario provincial championships.

Bryan Henry

Bryan is a recreational player at Elmira who volunteers his time with the Junior program, and we are thankful for his help in running the program from week to week.